1)  Use high quality components and make installations easy.

  • Everything offered through this web site is designed to be minimally intrusive to the SSR. 
  • "No holes drilled" and "no wires spliced" is the basis of all the parts that we build and sell. 
  • Whenever a "kit" is produced, it arrives either partially or fully assembled so that the customer doesn't have to "figure it out". 
  • Basic instructions are shipped with the parts and full instructions (with color photos) are available on this web site.
  • All components are tested for fit and compatibility across the entire fleet.  Any exceptions will be noted and shared openly.

Contact Simple Engineering with your question or  issue.  Please feel free to email or send a text message any time. Phone calls should be limited to "normal" Phoenix working hours, please.

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Provide feedback on products directly to Simple Engineering.  If your feedback refers to an issue, we will be contacting you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Find all our products here.  All of these are thoroughly tested for compatibility and carry a satisfaction guarantee.   

The Simple Engineering Philosophy - two really basic premises

T's and C's

Terms & Conditionsfor payment, shipping, returns and warranty policies.

Installation Instructions, SSR "problem" repair techniques, general information or some specific SSR troubleshooting documents. 

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2)  Share repair and replacement knowledge across the SSR fleet.

  • There are many individual contributors that have freely shared repair and parts knowledge.
  • Sources for repair and improvement of the SSR must be kept alive through open and effective communication.

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