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Welcome to Simple!

Simple Engineering, LLC is owned and operated by a veteran aviation customer support engineer (still employed) who loves to solve problems.  Purchasing an SSR in 2005 was the kickoff of a truly passionate involvement with the Chevy SSR.  We have been dedicated to providing products that improve / enhance the joy of owning Your SSR or TBSS since 2006.

Based in Phoenix, we felt the first area of improvemnt needed to be the SSR cooling system. This brought about the SSR Auxiliary Fan Kit Item #: SE-AUX1 to augment the air conditioning system and push some air through the radiator when the vehicle wasn't moving. There are over 500 Auxiliary Fans in service today.

The squared-off OEM air dam didn't seem to fit the contours of the SSR, so we designed the
SSR Replacement Air Dam Item #: SE-AD1 to be functional, but not noticeable.  When we discovered that the OEM lower radiator support was made of plastic, we replicated the part in steel to produce the SSR Lower Radiator Support Item #: SE-LRS.

In mid 2006 Chevrolet was having trouble keeping up with the demand for the Main Fan failures on the SSR. We took on this challenge and came up with a plug and play Direct replacement Main Fan Kit for SSRs Item #: SE-MFK-1 to fill the need.  There are over 1300 MFK-1's in service (world-wide) today.

In 2006, we also worked with Muth Mirrors to create the SSR application.  The photos in the instructions (written by Simple Engineering) are of our SSR. 

General Motors stopped supplying the OEM Car Covers in 2006 and we negotiated with the manufacturer to begin supplying them through our web site.  This started a great relationship with Coverking and their outdoor covers were added to the offerings in 2007 after a slight re-design of the pattern.

Along the way we found other "opportunities for improvement" on the SSR and responded with expanded offerings into the web store.

 Things like:

The Signal Mirror Kit and Prop Rods

Differential and Transmission Covers


Lift Supports

Spare Tire Kits

SSR Accessories

SSR Exhaust

Some innovations like the SSR transmission oil cooler and the Old School Dual Exhaust were driven by a request from customers for an improvement or an alternative to the parts commercially available.

In 2008, we were urged by some our friends on the high performance forums to start paying attention to the Trailblazer SS needs. The guys that were adding lots of horsepower to their TBSS needed a better radiator to improve the cooling system on the TBSS. So we took on the challenge, working hand-in-hand with Ron Davis radiators to develop a direct "drop-in" for the TBSS.  Today, we offer two distinctly diffferent Ron Davis radiators for the TBSS.

There is a constant flow of ideas and needs for the SSR and the TBSS and we take this very seriously. Please check out what we have now in our store and come back often.  We are adding new items all the time.

My All-time Favorite Website:

Chevy SSR Forum

You will find me there as "Mike in AZ"

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