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I started building SSR parts in late 2005 as a result of my drive to have something to "fix".  This tinkering is an uncontrollable knack that engineers have.  Some call it a blessing, others call it a curse.  The combination of this drive and the opportunities on the SSR have put a real passion in my life.  Yes, I'm very passionate about the SSR.  If you know me, you know how true this is.

Right after we got our SSR, I identified the need for improved cooling and set off to "help" a little.  That brought about a new Air Dam for the lower support and an Auxiliary Fan kit for pushing a little more air through the radiator when there wasn't any natural airflow.  There are now over 400 Auxiliary fans in service worldwide.

In mid-2006, GM was having trouble keeping up with the demand for the failing main fans.  I was urged to apply my skills here and came up with a plug-and-play replacement main fan for the SSR.  There are now about 650 of these fans in service worldwide.  This continues to be a great product.

Along the way, I have found other "opportunities for improvement" on the SSR and responded with a new application or product.  Things like signal mirrors, differential covers, radiators, transmission pans and car covers were a simple adaptation or slight tweak for perfect fit.  Really easy stuff.  other opportunities resulted in basic vehicle improvements, like the steel lower radiator support.

Some innovations, like the little transmission cooler and the Old School Dual exhaust, were driven by a request from a customer for an improvement or something different.  This is another one of the pitfalls for engineers.... they don't know how to turn down a challenge.  I've loved every minute of it.

In late 2007, I was urged by some friends on the high performance forums to start paying attention to the Trailblazer SS needs.  There is demand for products to support that platform and I am working to fill the needs.  There is a constant flow of ideas and I am taking this one quitre seriously.  Product development is going to blossom for the TBSS in the coming year.


Simple Engineering, LLC is dedicated to providing products that improve or enhance the joy of owning your SSR or TBSS. The company foundation is built on integrity and committment to the customer. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the reliability and enjoyment of your SSR or TBSS. We strive to offer the highest quality products and stand behind everything we sell.

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